Production of high-quality containers

Metkor, a company specialising in the production of high-quality containers, pays great attention to constant improvement of its technology and introduction of new machine solutions. The offered containers are mainly hooklift and skip types, used for transport and storage of any loose materials – such as rubble, scrap metal, waste paper, municipal waste, sawdust, construction waste and many other types.

Hooklift containers

Hooklift containers are Metkor's main product. They are available in both standard and custom-made versions. We comply with the requirements and standards of various countries and offer a wide range of capacities.

Skip containers

The same design is applied to skip containers. These are primarily intended for renovation, construction, industrial and selective waste. The company offers both symmetrical and asymmetrical models to ensure that customers get the maximum benefit from the product. Both versions are characterised by their compatibility with gantry vehicles.

Steel structures

Steel structures are tailored to customer needs and guidelines of the client, allowing us to maintain all the necessary product parameters. The most convenient way for the customer to notify us of their needs is through documentation that specifies the necessary data.

Services offered

The range of services offered by Metkor primarily includes shot blasting and hydrodynamic painting of steel structures, which is both a process of cleaning the surface and preparing it for further treatment. In addition, our offering includes plasma cutter services as well as machining, such as including milling, drilling, grinding and turning.